Calf for Kids is a not for profit organization based in Lethbridge, Alberta, that raises educational funds for children bereft of a parent or primary caregiver.  It was founded by Don Schan in 2005. A neighbor of Don's passed away suddenly and tragically, leaving a family without a father. "His death just broke my heart," Don said. Don wanted to do something to help. So, he and his partner each sold a calf and donated the proceeds to ensure that the family's young daughter would be able to finish school and look forward to a brighter future. In that first year he managed to raise $12,000, just from neighbour’s contributions, and the Calf for Kids organization was born. By its first year anniversary, a total of 18 children in similar circumstances had been helped; every year since, Calf for Kids has auctioned a calf and other items, providing much needed funding for children and families who have suffered sudden bereavement. They want to ease the burden on these families and make sure they have one less thing to worry about. 

Don's hope for the future of Calf for Kids is to reach out to more families. There may be lots of people who don't yet know about the organization and what they do. We help fathers, mothers and even grandparents who care for young children after a sudden death in the family. Funds are always desperately needed to help more families. The second Friday of December was 2015's annual fundraiser, held at the Picture Butte Auction Market, and we accept donations from farmers, ranchers and businesses to sell at the annual auction. We are also encouraging people to come to the auction and support it. In the spirit of the season, this event gives us all the opportunity to remember those families who may not be able to be together for their holiday celebrations due to a tragedy. Calf for Kids would also like to take this opportunity to encourage young people who have lost a parent or caregiver to apply for help. For any and all information pertaining to the auction, the organization, or interviews, please contact the Secretary of Calf for Kids, Ty Cross, at 403 795 4816.


Calf for Kids Mission Statement: To provide financial assistance for the primary/secondary education (up to age 18) of children residing within the City of Lethbridge or the County of Lethbridge who have lost a parent/caregiver due to an accident or illness.