Picture above taken at the Auction 2018 in Nobleford of Selena, Don Schan and Selena’s mother Michelle.

Personally for me, the special heart breaking moment of the evening, other than the  jaw dropping, mind boggling support of the evening...is when my sister in law, Rhonda, announced that their were two young ladies that wanted to come out and talk to me.  Oh Wow!! When I saw these gals come walking in...flashback..I saw a little girl with her dad 25 days before he was tragically killed, 13 years ago...walk in the room tonight, all grown up, graduated high school...giving me a plaque that reads..  "Thank you for making a difference...in our our lives and in others".....Thank you, Don Schan

This year, the Annual Auction was held Dec 8th 2018 at Nobleford Community Centre (Blue Whale) at 7:00 pm. We raised $84 000 Thanks to you!! Hope to see you all next year Thank you from all of us!!!! Keep checking here or on our Facebook page for next years auction and other announcements!!

Or you can contact:

Don Schan 403-634-2631 , Hugo Vanliere 403-330-8465 ,Edwin Vandenberg 403-635-4911, or Ryan Vandenberg 403-795-2524

Or if you would like to make a cash donation please mail to:
Meyers Norris Penny C/O Calf for Kids
3425 2nd Ave South, 
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4V1

Funds Raised from Calf for Kids Auctions

Year          $ CDN

2005        12,000

2006        39,000

2007        28,000

2008        15,000

2009        18,000

2010         15,000

2011         22,000

2012         27,500

2013         25,000

2014         37,000

2015        29,000+

2016 27,000 

 2017 20,000

2018 84,000